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cPanel, Litespeed, Softacolus at lowest price
  • Product 1

    cPanel License for VPS

    • cPanel/WHM License for VPS
      Unlimited Accounts
      Latest Version of cPanel/WHM
      Upgrades from cPanel
      24/7 support
      Change IP at Client Area
      Free Installation
      Free Softaculous
      Free Sitepad
      Free FletSSL
      Free JetBackup
    Demanar Ara
  • Product 2

    CloudLinux OS Server License

    • CloudLinux OS Next-generation of our operating system
    • Latest Version of Official ClnoudLinux Updates
      Upgrades from CloudLinux Official Server
      24/7 support
      Change IP at Client Area
      Free Installation
      CloudLinux OS Shared is designed for shared web website hosting providers. It isolates every client right into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and the number of simultaneous connections, for every website hosting tenant. This guarantees that tenants can't jeopardize the steadiness of your servers, inflicting all websites to gradually down or maybe come to a halt. CloudLinux OS Shared also “cages” tenants from each other to keep away from safety breaches. This way, risky scripts or malware aren't capable of sprawl throughout your client websites, inflicting extreme harm.
    Demanar Ara
Included With Every Plan
  • cPanel License
  • Softaculous License
  • Sitepad License
  • FletSSL License
  • Litespeed License
  • Cloudlinux License
  • Kernelcare License
  • Imunify360 License
  • JetBackup License
  • cPanel Dedicated License
  • Upgrades from cPanel
  • Latest Version of cPanel/WHM
  • Instant Activation
  • Cheap Price
  • Low Cost